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Why Choose Viking?

Today’s homeowner is bombarded with so many products and appliances touted to modernize and simplify how we live. Many of these products fail to aid in creating the relaxed, comfortable and worry-free environment the home was intended to be.

With the development of new materials came an opportunity for manufacturers to finally make good on their promise. Virtually maintenance free and designed to last, today’s advanced vinyl materials enable the homeowner to forget about a to-do list each season and spend more time on things that are most important; friends, family and good times.

Pure extruded vinyl means no color streaks that suddenly appear, no painting , no staining, no cracking and splitting* and no warping and drying out overtime.

Aluminum coated with verified AAMA 2604-02 powder coating means no rusting, no painting, minimal fading, minimal gloss loss, and a lifetime warranty* guaranteeing weathering & gloss retention capabilities.

For those who call the shore home, outdoor conditions can be especially harsh on the homes exterior. Salt in the air can greatly increase the amount of maintenance required on a home leading to headaches and costly repairs. VMI’s premium products are an ideal solution for the shore homeowner who desires to maintain a clean and bright outdoor appearance year after year.

Thank you for letting Viking Manufacturing Inc. improve the quality of home …

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Types of Vinyl

We maintain a large inventory of railings, fencing, post & wraps, custom millwork and lots of specialty items.

Viking Manufacturing Inc.

Not All Vinyl is Created Equal


Consists of recycled plastics and vinyl melted down with a polyurethane coating which causes the vinyl to be brittle and thin. Since the extract is made of impurities, the manufacturing process creates voids and a weak structural integrity. Typically this product lasts only 3 to 5 years; forming a yellowish color over time.

Mono extruded PVC

This vinyl is extracted from plastics, formed, then coated with polyurethane or vinyl. Although it is not as brittle as Refurbished PVC, it is still weak & contains many impurities. It has a grey core color and typically lasts up to IO years.

Double Extruded PVC (Used by Viking Vinyl)

Made from 100 percent virgin vinyl, this product contains no impurities and no voids. Its strength gives it maximum impact resistance and it will last a lifetime. The vinyl has a true white core and maximum UV inhibiting qualities.

Cellular PVC (Used by Viking Vinyl)

Specifically used for our custom millwork products, this product contains no waste and is made of I 00 percent virgin vinyl. It is created using a process called celuka, a foaming extrusion process that creates tiny air bubbles within the shape. The result is its density is less than half that of regular PVC. The material is then cooled to form a smooth hard skin.
“Viking only uses Double Extruded and Cellular PVC for long lasting durability and strength that we back with a warranty.”

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